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To all you teen-babies out there I think you are the coolest bunch in the world. My name is Patrick. I am 15 years old. And I started getting introduced to diapers at age 9. When I found some of my old baby stuff I found a some diapers and then tried them on. Then a couple of years past and I forgot about them then in junior high I was re-introduced to diapers at age 13 and I have been wearing them since. Does anybody out with a mother who likes there child in diapers and will change them when he need them. Also I have a list of idea us teens could do:

1. Have a teen-baby camp 2. Have a teen-baby club 3. Have other teens send diapers to teens who want/need them 4. Have a teen-baby chat room with mothers 5. Get mothers involved more with teen-babies.

I also have a couple of questions:

1. Has anybody told there parents? or relatives? 2. Does anybody have anyone who changes them frequently? 3. Does anybody drink from a bottle? 4. What type of clothes do teens wear with there diapers? 5. Has anybody been out of there house? City? State? 6. What is the best brand of diapers to wear? 7. How do diapers make you feel? 8. What are your ages? 9. Where do you live? 10. Do you know any other home pages?

E-mail me at:

Check List For A Diaper Bag or being a teen baby: 1. a pack of disposable diapers 2. Baby Powder 3. Baby Oil 4. Baby Wipes 5. Baby Bottle 6. Baby Food and Milk (1 gallon) 7. a week of extra clothes 8. Plastic or Rubber Pants 9. Plastic or Rubber Sheets 10. A bag or suitcase to carry this stuff in. 11. Pasifier


E-mail at

P.S. Here is how to change some 1. First of all, you have to remove the dirty diaper (of course). 2. Then you have to clean the butt of the other person, a shower is a good idea (maybe). 3. And NOW you can start with diapering... 4. Take a fresh diaper and unfold it. 5. Slide the unfolded diaper under the bottom of the baby. Take lots of powder, creme and or baby-lotion !!! 6. You know it's very important course of diaper rash and such things, and we don't want a hurting bottom, do we?! Mhmhmhm, what a smell.... Well now fasten the tapes of the diaper,but take care to keep the tapes clean. 7. GREAT!!! Now give the baby a pacifier or a plushy or something and the baby is happy (hopefully).

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